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If you could upgrade your exterior with roofing, siding, or windows - What would you choose? All three are important and eye-catching parts of your home’s exterior. Maybe you’re looking to fix a safety issue, transform your look, or improve ROI. All of this can factor into choosing which upgrade is right for you. We’ve put together a guide for each project that shows benefits, costs, and ROI. It won’t make your decision but it will help point you in the right direction.

Benefits of Exterior Remodeling:

Your home is an asset and you want to keep it protected. Whether you know you’re due for an exterior remodel or you’re just curious, knowing the benefits of investing in your home is a great first step. Some things you can look forward to after a remdodel are:

Boosting your home’s value

Whether you’re in your forever home or planning to sell, making smart investments with materials that have high ROI will maximize your home’s value.

  • Investing in metal siding can give you a high ROI of 86% - 95%
  • Installing a new roof can offer 107% of your value recovered.
  • Varying based on material, window projects can give you an ROI of 70%

Improving energy efficiency

Upgrading your roofing, siding, or windows can all offer better energy efficiency in different ways.

Transforming your home’s look

  • An exterior upgrade is the perfect time to give your home a refreshing new look, while having a home that’ll make your neighbors jealous.

Choosing low-maintenance materials

  • Home materials have come a long way and older materials have become outdated. The latest materials are built to last and withstand our volatile climate and make your life easier with newer technology.

Before you make your choice between roofing, siding, or windows, let’s see what else you can gain as a homeowner and how these projects compare to each other.

Roofing Project

Roof replacements are more than just putting on a more durable shingle. A new roof can change the style of your home; even choosing lighter or darker colors can significantly change your home’s appearance. Some other great benefits that come from a roof replacement are:

Improved energy efficiency

  • An asphalt shingle roof can increase energy efficiency by 30%

Maintaining insurance coverage

  • Most insurance policies offer limited to no coverage on roofs older than 20 years old that can’t pass inspection.

Creating better air quality

  • Older roofs can bring extra moisture which is perfect for mold growth. This can get hazardous for people in the home. New roofs lock out moisture and keep your family safe with clean air.

Keep your home protected with a new warranty

  • Installing a new roof brings a new warranty. Be sure to read through what is and isn’t covered and enjoy some peace of mind knowing your home is secured.

Average Costs - Remodeling projects are an investment. When it comes to roofing projects you can expect to pay between $8,000-$12,000, which can vary based on material and labor expenses.

ROI - If ROI is a factor in your decision then you might consider choosing a roofing project. You can expect to recover 107% of your value from putting on a new roof.

Siding Project

Bad siding leaves your exterior and interior vulnerable to damage. Rotted, faded, or cracked siding are all signs it might be time to consider upgrading with a higher quality material. Now that’s easier said than done because a siding remodel is a big project to go through as a homeowner. Yet, the benefits outweigh the short-term stress and give you:

Improved energy efficiency

  • Various materials bring different energy savings - A top choice like insulated fiber-cement siding can save you 20% annually on your energy bills.

The feeling of a new home

  • New siding instantly changes your home’s aesthetic. If you’re upgrading to luxury or durability, the feeling of seeing your home transformed is priceless.

Low-maintenance choices

  • Technology has advanced materials that are used on a home’s exterior. They have better durability and ROI than older siding materials. Knowing the best siding to have in Colorado can keep you protected for years to come.

Average Costs - Based on the material you choose, it can cost anywhere between $6- $30 per square foot to upgrade your siding.

ROI- Just like price, ROI varies based on materials but you can expect an average ROI over 80% on your siding project.

Window Project

Windows give you a glimpse into the outside world within the comfort of your own home, letting in light that brings warmth to your home. Faulty windows will still let in light but create extra energy expenses. Upgrading your windows can have positive benefits such as:

Feeling more secure and safe

  • Windows that are hard to open can cause safety issues in case of a fire and these new windows can create better security and give you peace of mind.

Less dust and allergens

  • Blinds can be put into your windows and keep you protected from dust and you won’t worry about little ones getting into those annoying cords.

Increased energy efficiency

  • You could save between $27 - $111 per year when replacing double-pane windows with more energy efficient options.

Less noise

  • Outside noise like dogs barking and cars can become annoying to hear 24/7. New windows can minimize those outside noises that have been studied and are known to cause health problems.

Average Costs - Windows can range from $300 - $1800 per window depending on what you’re looking for.

ROI- Replacing your windows provides you with an average ROI of 75%. Not only will it look great, you can make back your investment.

What Would You Choose?

With all that in mind, between roofing, siding, or windows, what would you choose? If you’re still not sure which project would be right for you, try figuring out what your exterior goals are. It could be ROI, low-maintenance, quality, or affordability. Whichever project you choose, it’s a great step towards investing in your home and protecting it for the future.

We wish it was as simple as choosing an exterior project and then it magically appears on your home with no stress. In reality, exterior remodels take time, cost money, and need proper planning. And it’s no secret remodeling projects aren’t cheap. Investing in quality materials now gives your home better protection and adds value. You might be wondering how to fund an exterior remodeling project. One great way to finance your project is a cash-out refinance. This gives you a chance to use the equity you’ve built on your home to get a cash loan to help pay for your project.

Choosing A Trusted Contractor

Tying together a great remodeling experience means having a trusted and experienced contractor helping you every step of the way. Endeavor Exteriors puts you first and we do everything we can to ensure you have a great experience. You can expect clear communication, quality materials, and a home that’ll make neighbors jealous. Take away the guess work and start planning your remodel today!