Top 7 Signs You Need New Windows

Imagine standing in your home enjoying a warm hot chocolate during the Winter. You gaze outside your window as the snow slowly falls to the ground, leaving a layer of white. Yet, as you stand by your window, gazing out at the sea of white, you start to feel a cold draft, signaling a faulty window. Don’t let old windows in your home ruin peaceful moments.

Windows nearing the end of their lifecycle are money pits. They will cost you more in the long-run, rather than replacing it with a higher quality window. Summer is coming to an end and soon the cold weather will roll in. As a homeowner, you should know how to spot a window that is at the end of its life. Here, we will give you 7 signs of windows are near the end of their life-cycle and the benefits that come from replacing your windows.

How to Know It’s Time…

Timing is everything when it comes to replacing your windows. You want to make the most of your current windows life cycle, but avoid the problems that come with waiting to replace. Look out for these tell-tale signs to know if it’s time to consider getting new windows for your home.

#1. Rising Heating and Cooling Costs

If you’re noticing your energy bills rising it might be time to replace your windows. More than half of a home’s energy consumption comes from heating and cooling your home. Faulty windows create bigger expenses for you by not keeping in the energy.

#2. Drafts on Windy Days

Feeling a draft is a sign you have a major air leak, which will need replacing as soon as possible. Another easy way to tell if you have a draft is to burn an incense stick near the window. If the smoke moves there is a leak.

#3. Difficulty Raising and Lowering Windows

Your window should open effortlessly. Don’t fight your window, just replace it. Wood windows are prone to being difficult to open and close as they reach the end of their life. New windows can offer easier opening/closing and cleaning potential.

#4. Fog/Condensation Between Your Window Panels

Fog or condensation between your window panels is evidence of seal failure. Excessive moisture between your window panels can lead to mold and rot, if not replaced.

#5. Double-Pane Windows Are Cold to the Touch

Winter is coming… does your window feel cold to the touch? Double-pane windows that need replacing will feel cold. This is a clear sign to replace with a more energy efficient window that will keep in your heat.

#6. Hearing Outside Noise

Your home should feel like your own sanctuary with windows that let you observe the outside world peacefully. Hearing lots of outside noise can start to feel annoying. If you find yourself noticing you can hear every car horn, dog bark, or traffic noises, it’s time to upgrade.

#7. Window Frames are Soft, Chipped, or Water Damaged

Are you noticing your windows are showing soft, chipped, or water damaged frames? This indicates rot or water infiltration that can cause your window to start sagging, if it isn’t already.

Benefits From Replacing 

Knowing when to replace is important but replacing your windows can have unexpected benefits you might’ve not realized. Here are 5 positive outcomes that happen when you replace your windows.

#1. Positive Health Benefits

Not only do new windows look amazing, they can bring positive health benefits for YOU. Windows can help your overall function by giving you Vitamin D and bettering your health and mood. Studies show that people who are exposed to natural light during the day did better at problem solving and mental clarity, compared to those who performed less effectively after spending the day in a dark or closed off room. Be your best self and create an environment where you can thrive.

#2. Boosting Value

New windows can boost your home’s value. You can get an ROI of 72% on your windows project cost upon resale. Energy efficient windows are a great selling point and can be the focal point of a home. With so many styles and colors available, getting the dream window you want is more than possible.

#3. Keep You & Your Family Comfortable

Replacing your window can help control the humidity and regulate temperatures in your home making your family more comfortable. With colder temperatures coming quickly, you don’t want to be paying for heat that goes right out the window…literally. Check your windows for the signs of replacement and get ahead of extra costs.

#4. Lowering Energy Bills

Upgrading to more energy efficient windows can save you an average of $125 to $465 dollars a year. There will be less energy loss and you’ll save money in the long-run. You can even find out if your local utility or provider offers financial incentives for energy efficient windows to help recoup costs from replacing.

#5. Reducing Noise

With new windows comes a quieter home for you. You can even get soundproof windows that can block out 52% more noise, than single-pane. Minimize the dog barks and car horns with your new windows.

Endeavor Exteriors & How We Can Help

Now that you’re an expert in spotting faulty windows, it’s important to find a contractor that can give you exactly what you want, without the stress. Endeavor Exteriors aims to make your experience the best it can be. From the start, we pride ourselves on transparency and clear communication. We utilize top window manufacturers and provide you with quality, durable windows that you can get the most out of. Every step of the way, we’ll be there to help guide you and find what is the best fit for you. Don’t let money slip through your windows, give us a call today and start your window project.