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Endeavor Elite Windows

Endeavor Elite Windows is Endeavor Exteriors’ line of high-quality, premium residential windows. This product takes window innovation due new heights and features advanced technology and state-of-the-art building materials. This provides our customers with reliable function, gorgeous visual appeal, and industrial-grade durability that’s built to withstand the Colorado climate. We guarantee that these windows will make a marked difference in the comfort and energy efficiency of your home, improving the livelihood of everyone who resides there.

When it comes to quality, you can trust that there is no remodeling company better than Endeavor Exteriors. Our dedication to premium service is proven by our A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, our respectable warranties, and the exceptional products that we offer all our customers.

Standard Features

Advanced Endeavor Elite Windows in Colorado

At Endeavor Exteriors, quality is our primary concern. We ensure that all of our products come with high-end features that guarantee performance, durability, and longevity. Endeavor Elite Windows are no different. This advanced line comes with many standard features that any homeowner can enjoy:

  1. Durably constructed, fusion-welded window frames that prevent air and water intrusion.
  2. Aesthetic visual appeal with the integration of a balanced cover.
  3. A high-quality vent latch to minimize sash movement.
  4. UltraSmart weatherstripping that maximizes weather resilience.
  5. An Endura-Force balance system to promote hassle-free window function on double-hung styles.
  6. Ergonomic lift rails to assist with homeowner operation.
  7. Locking screens that prevent warping.

Window Function, Elevated

Compared to other standard windows, Endeavor Elite offers several specialized benefits that improve functionality and lifespan. Exclusive to this product line, you can be certain that your residence will receive the high-end performance it requires.

Reinforcing K-Beams

All Endeavor Elite double-hung and slider windows feature K-beam reinforcement that promotes structural integrity and comfortable function. Additionally, embedded Kevlar fibers increase strength further and boost energy efficiency.

Warm-Edge Spacers

Seal failure is the most common issue that residential windows face. The warm-edge stainless steel spacers integrated into Endeavor Elite windows allow expansion and contraction in order to improve the lifespan of your weather seals.

Visually-Appealing Locking Mechanism

Our recessed locks offer maximum security while remaining inconspicuous so as to not break up the aesthetic flow of the window’s design.

Window Types

Remarkable Window Types for Any Colorado Home

Our Colorado energy efficient windows are built for you. We understand that every home is slightly different and will require a different window style based on existing framing, budget, and desired aesthetics. We have an assortment of gorgeous options, such as:

●       Double-Hung: With top and bottom opening mechanisms, you can have full control over your home’s airflow with this window style.

●       Slider: This practical, easy-opening window style allows in maximum airflow and is incredibly simple to operate.

●       Casement: These outward-opening windows create a cozy ambiance in your home and are great for areas that need maximum airflow, like the kitchen.

●       Bay & Bow: When it comes to aesthetics, nothing compares to the class and elegance of a bay or bow window installation.

●       Shaped: Add shaped windows to your home for unique flair and function.

●       Picture: If you’re looking for unobstructed views and maximum light, you can’t go wrong with a large picture window.

Customizable Endeavor Elite Windows from SoftLite in Colorado

Customized windows provide your home with personalized curb appeal. At Endeavor Exteriors, we offer many different customizable options for your Endeavor Elite windows. Our decorative grids allow you to break up the space of the window and add charming character, whereas our obscure glass textures can provide privacy while not sacrificing any light. All of our vinyl, wood, and PVC windows are available in an assortment of colors, giving you the freedom of expression you’re looking for.