1. Fiberglass windows by Milgard

    Choosing The Best Windows For Your Home

    Choosing The Best Windows For Your Home    So, you’re in the market for new windows but choosing the right materials for your budget can be challenging, and emotional. We understand. Trying to decipher all the information out there on the best window for your home can feel overwhelming. Each…Read More

  2. Milgard Windows

    Windows For Your Home & Your Health

    Windows For Your Home & Your Health   New windows can increase energy efficiency, curb appeal, and feelings of security. Windows provide us with a glimpse of the outside world from the comfort of our home. Yet, did you know the natural light from your windows can impact your health? Here we…Read More

  3. Vesta Steel Siding

    Best Siding For Your Home: Vesta From Quality Edge

    Best Siding For Your Home: Vesta From Quality Edge    So, you’re in the market for new siding, do you know what material you will choose? If you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to say you are researching various siding materials available. Have you considered steel siding? If you’re re…Read More

  4. EDCO: Steel Siding

    Sustainable Siding: EDCO

    Sustainable Siding: EDCO Choosing the right siding for your home involves lots of research and information to navigate. You want a quality siding, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on the environmental impact and the impact on YOU. Metal siding is a top choice for your home. Metal is the stronge…Read More

  5. Tuscany Style Milgard Window

    Top 7 Signs You Need New Windows

    Top 7 Signs You Need New Windows   Imagine standing in your home enjoying a warm hot chocolate during the Winter. You gaze outside your window as the snow slowly falls to the ground, leaving a layer of white. Yet, as you stand by your window, gazing out at the sea of white, you start to feel a …Read More

  6. Sherwin Williams painted home with the colors Irish Cream and Virtual Taupe

    Exterior Painting: Expectation Vs. Reality

    Exterior Painting: Expectation Vs. Reality In a perfect world, you would select your paint for your exterior, a contractor would come do an exceptional job, and when it’s finished, you get to stare in awe at your newly painted home. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. Painting your exterior can fe…Read More

  7. James Hardie Lap Siding

    Everything you need to know about Fiber-Cement Siding

    EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FIBER-CEMENT SIDING Did you know there are up to 14 different materials to choose from when selecting a new siding? That’s a lot of choices! If you’ve done your research, fiber-cement siding has probably come up more than once as a top contender. Why? Fiber-Ceme…Read More

  8. Metal Roofing from EDCO

    Why a Metal Roof is better than Asphalt Shingles

    WHY A METAL ROOF IS BETTER THAN ASPHALT SHINGLES Creating More Sustainable Homes What is the one remodeling choice that makes your home more energy-efficient, saves you money, and helps the planet? Simple. All you have to do is choose better roofing materials. Metal or Asphalt Imagine you just insta…Read More