Did you know there are up to 14 different materials to choose from when selecting a new siding? That’s a lot of choices! If you’ve done your research, fiber-cement siding has probably come up more than once as a top contender. Why? Fiber-Cement siding is low-maintenance, has nice curb appeal, and is durable enough to withstand the elements. Top Fiber-Cement Manufacturers

With so many manufacturers out there, how do you know who’s the best? James Hardie is a top contender when it comes to picking a quality siding. We know because we partner with them. They have researched and developed a quality formula that protects homes in all climates with options to create your dream home. Here’s why James Hardie is one of the top fiber-cement siding providers:

    • James Hardie has over 130 years of industry experience. With rigorous evaluation, James Hardie has been backed by Good Housekeeping for providing a quality siding for their customers since 2013.
    • All siding products come with a 30 year, non-prorated warranty
    • James Hardie fiber-cement siding is 5X thicker than its competitors
    • James Hardie specializes in the Hardie Wrap, which reduces water and air filtration
    • Their siding is designed to survive any climate, including hurricanes!
    • With a superior formula that makes your siding hail and fire resistant, picking fiber-cement siding might help lower your insurance premiums

Homeowner Advantages

As a homeowner, you have a lot of responsibility when it comes to the upkeep of your home - inside and out. We know picking a durable siding is not at the top of your list, however new siding can be more energy efficient, improve your home’s value, and compliment a low-maintenance lifestyle. Siding not only keeps outside elements out, it enhances curb appeal. Whether this is your forever home or not, it’s important to know what YOU get out of your investment when it comes to your siding choice. Below are the top advantages of choosing fiber-cement siding: Most Cost-Effective
    • You’ll spend less money on siding maintenance making it cost-effective over time
    • Re-siding your home with fiber cement provides the #1 return on investment of any major exterior remodeling projects
    • Fiber-cement siding has a long life span, even in Colorado. With proper maintenance fiber-cement can last up to 30 years
    • Wood peckers don’t stand a chance
    • James Hardie offers extra add-ons to enhance your home’s look and maximize value
    • You can paint fiber-cement siding without losing the durability
There is no question that fiber-cement siding will make your investment worth it in the long run. This is what James Hardie designed their fiber-cement siding with in mind. Withstanding the Elements

From chilly winters to spring thunderstorms to hail, your siding needs to be adaptable to Colorado’s ever-changing climate. Fiber-cement siding provides the added layer of protection your home needs to withstand volatile weather. Formulated with moisture-resistance, fiber-cement siding can take on anything. Here’s how it stands up to the elements:

    • Fiber-cement siding can withstand up to 150MPH of high winds
    • Even in temperature fluctuations, fiber-cement siding won’t crack or peel
    • Fiber-cement won’t swell or contract like other wood siding
    • Fiber-cement is non-combustible that won’t catch on fire or fuel a fire
    • Colorado is one of the most hail prone states and fiber-cement siding is designed to withstand hail damage
Fiber-cement siding was designed to last, while giving its customers protection and style. Whether it’s during a hurricane or hail storm James Hardie is a superior siding manufacturer. Being the overall winner when it comes to out-performing competitors in our climate. Maintenance Requirements Fiber-cement siding is a low-maintenance siding material with a goal to make your life easier. Here are some tips to help maintain fiber-cement siding and keep it looking exceptional.
  • Check the caulking for cracks and gaps
  • Clean your gutters and downspouts twice a year
  • Wash your siding regularly
  • Repaint your siding as it fades over time
Curb Appeal

With so many unique styles and color choices available with James Hardie, your home can be styled exactly how you want it. Take a look at the various popular siding designs:

  • HardiePlank- Lap Siding
    • Available in smooth or textured siding with 15 colors to choose from
    • The most popular siding in North America
HardiePlank- Lap Siding
  • HardieShingle Siding
    • Known as the “Cape Cod” style or shake siding
    • Available in multiple colors
HardieShingle Siding
  • Hardie Textured Panels
    • Create contemporary textures and unique architectural lines
    • Available in Smooth Sand, Multi-Grove, and Knockdown (a rough textured)
Hardie Textured Panels
  • HardiePanel- Vertical Siding
    • Create an eye-popping look with vertical siding
    • Available in smooth or a mimicked wood look with lots of color to choose from
HardiePanel- Vertical Siding
Extra Add-Ons
  • HardieTrim Board
    • Create astounding features around your home with beautiful trims
    • Available in two sizes and comes in smooth or rustic with lots of colors to choose from
HardieTrim Baord
  • HardieSoffit Panels
    • Soffits cover the underside of your roof
    • Available in smooth and vented
HardieSoffit Panels

Homeowner Disadvantages

With a glowing portfolio it is important to note the potential cons that come with fiber-cement siding.
    • Fiber-cement siding has high installation and labor costs (3 times higher compared to vinyl and aluminum siding)
    • To maintain its look, fiber-cement siding must be re-painted periodically throughout its lifetime
    • It can chip and crack over the years (but can be repaired with caulking or painting)
    • Fiber-cement siding is not a recyclable material, but is made out of sustainable materials like cement, sand, and cellulose
With the limited cons fiber-cement siding brings they can be outweighed by the amazing benefits it can bring you and your home. From maximizing value to protecting your home against anything, Fiber-cement siding is a superior protection that gives customers the freedom to express themselves through their home’s design, while never sacrificing quality. With a higher initial cost is important to note the ROI you get from your siding. Endeavor Exteriors Making it Possible

Now it’s time to create the home of your dreams, starting with your siding. When it comes to picking the best for your home, Endeavor Exteriors puts YOU first. Endeavor Exteriors takes the stress out of home remodeling and gives you a one-of-a-kind customer experience. From start to finish, we pride ourselves on providing clear communication, transparency, and care for our customers. Teaming up with top manufacturers like James Hardie, your home will be protected and give you greater curb-appeal. Your home is an extension of you and we want to help make it the way you want it. Give us a call and start your siding project today!

Author: Makenna Peters