Tis The Season: Decorating Your Home Properly For The Holidays


It’s that time of the year...Whether you’ve started decorating your home for the holidays or you’re still planning on doing it, you’ll want to know how to have great holiday lights while keeping your home’s exterior in tact. We don’t want to be the Grinch but we've got a few tips on how to keep your home looking festive while keeping your home's exterior protected.


Examine Your Home 

When it comes to holiday decorations, less is more. Look at your home from different angles beforehand and see what architectural features stand-out. Your roof or front entryway can be great focal points to make your home festive this season. That way, you can use your holiday decorations to emphasize those details and save yourself some time and frustration. Your theme will seem more focused and intentional, while having your house lit up the neighborhood. Be sure to note your exterior outlets while planning your decorations, their locations can change your plan.


Safety First 

As always, safety is a number one priority and you don’t want to spend your holidays injured from decorating. Before you hang your lights, check that they’re not fraying or broken. You’ll also want to check your electrical outlets and decorations to make sure they’re in good condition. Bad wiring could cause fires or electrical hazards. Be sure to check out some roofing safety tips as well!  

Protect Your Roof 

When it comes to decorating your roof, you want to be cautious and keep the decorations to a minimum. Even while walking on your roof, you can damage your shingles or you could step on a loose tile and end up falling off the roof. Either way, you’re safety and keeping your roof in tact is important. If you’re planning on putting decorations on your roof, make sure to find lightweight items that won’t be too heavy. If you live in an area that has significant snowfall, you’ll want to be aware of how much weight your roof can handle before adding weight. The same applies to your gutters. You don’t want those damaged so we recommend not hanging anything too heavy from them and stick with light clips.


Ditch The Nails & Staples 

Don’t grab that staple gun! Although it might seem quicker, stapling your lights to your roof can poke holes in the roofing material and potentially lead to leaks. The same goes for nailing decorations to your house. One wrong hit could ruin your strand of lights and potentially lead to electrical shock. This holiday season, and every one to come, ditch the nails and staples and get some plastic hooks or even consider magnetic lights and save yourself some time and stress!


Tie Down Your Inflatables

After taking the time to set-up your festive holiday inflatables in your yard, the last thing you’d want to see is your snowman inflatable rolling down the street on a gusty day. Most inflatables nowadays come with straps to secure it in your yard. Take the time to ensure it is staked into the ground and won’t come out of your yard easily. It can give you peace-of-mind knowing your decorations aren’t going anywhere.


Check Your Lights

Before your home can be festive and lit up, you’ll need to make sure your holiday lights are in working conditions. Plug them in beforehand to check that each bulb is working and that they’re for outdoor use. There are newer holiday lights that are LED which give you more energy efficiency, safety, and longevity. You want to be safe when plugging in your lights and you shouldn’t string multiple extension cords together and you don’t want to overload your plugs.


Don't Forget Your Entryway

Your entryway is where you’ll greet friends and family and spending a little extra time to make it warm and comforting can make a great impression on your guests. Decorating your entryway can add that extra pop to make your home feel festive and start the holiday spirit.


Endeavor Exteriors

Don’t worry if you or a previous homeowner used nails or staples before to hang holiday decorations. Any damage that was done, we can fix. Our team provides clear communication and offers the best customer experience possible. No matter what time of the year, we’re here to help keep your home secure and protected. Give us a call and get your roofing and siding inspected and be prepared for holiday decorations. Happy holidays!



By: Makenna Maikish