A door color is the first thing people see when they walk up to your home. You want it to match the exterior of your home, while also being welcoming and inviting. Endeavor Exteriors, the best roofing company in Denver, offers door replacement and repair services. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to choose a door color for your home or office, and contact us today for all your exterior house design needs!


  • Choose a classic color. Classic door colors such as brown, black, or gray will accent your home without drawing attention away from your home’s exterior. Even dark blue and dark red are neutral colors that won’t detract from your exterior house design. If you change the color of your home, odds are this neutrally painted door will match. You can also opt for a classic wood-stained door as well.
  • Choose a bold color. Since the surface area of doors are small, a bright, attention-grabbing door is much more subdued than your whole house painted bright yellow. The colors you think of when you buy a classic marker set, such as classic red, green, yellow, and blue, will give your home a pop without overwhelming your exterior house design.
  • Don’t forget your storm door. Most of us in Colorado have storm doors to add a layer of protection against the winter winds and snow. You can paint your storm door a contrasting color from your house door to either draw attention to the other accent colors on your home or choose a whole different color for contrast or variety.
  • Consider style and personality. If you have a modern home, a pop of color could be all you need to make your home sizzle. Or if you’re favorite color is green, choose a door color that you want to see every time you enter and exit your home.
  • Consider your home’s surroundings. Are you painting the door of your cabin up in the mountains where your surroundings are pine trees and large boulders, so a forest green or a mute yellow for the fall leaves would look best? Are you painting your house door that has a brick exterior design, but is surrounded by brilliant flowers, so a bright door to match would be a better choice?
  • Consider your door’s trim. Your door’s trim can either accent your house door or make it fade away — both are great options to suit whatever exterior house design look you’re going for. Painting the trim and your door the same color can be a great option for smaller homes since the same color makes your home seem bigger. Having the trim and the door the same color leaves room for other accessories to take center stage, such as columns in the front of your home or planters by your front door entrance. Furthermore, a holiday wreath hug on the door — be it for fall or Christmas — will be the first thing anyone notices against your monochromatic color scheme.
In Denver, Endeavor Exteriors aims to make your exterior house design sizzle and pop to your delight. We partner with the best door manufacturers to bring you the best front door for your home whatever color you choose. We offer you the opportunity to test which door color is best for you through the use of our app. Simply take a few photos of your home and upload them, and our app will render a 3D model of your home with many color options to choose from, so you can visualize how your door color will look on your home before you commit to it and end up hating it. Endeavor Exteriors is revolutionizing the roofing industry by utilizing technology throughout the entire exterior home design process, from choosing a door color to choosing a roof replacement material, to give the customer more control over their roofing service. Contact us today to get started!