Try googling an expert roofing contractor Denver — 36 million hits! How about a timely roofing contractor Denver? — 68 million hits! Now a reliable roofing contractor Denver? — 23 million hits!

Put all three together — expert, timely, reliable and throw efficiency into the search. Because if your property is in need of repair, you don’t want to be with a company that promises to get your repairs done in 2 to 4 months. When you are searching for a roofing company to restore the value to your property, you’ll encounter an unrelenting list of possible candidates (all of whom are self-proclaimed to be the best). You want efficient service with a timely solution by an expert that is reliable.

Luckily, our roofing contractors in Denver do just that! Contact us today for more information about our roofing services.

The Situation

Efficiency within the construction field can be hit or miss. The reason being is you hire a general contractor who then hires multiple subcontractors, who are usually working with many different companies. Loyalties are loose. Managers don’t have the perks in place for their crews to stick around. Contract with a sub-par company like this and you’ll go on a list. Who knows how long it will take, and you’ll be left crossing your fingers and hoping that your repairs are done without too much delay.

Most roofing companies in Denver act as a general contractor. Most aren’t accredited or even licensed general contractors, but because of the incentive the insurance companies give to this class of contractor, most roofing contractors will attempt to step in as a GC. This is never a good start to your project.

Roofing and construction can be boring and it’s easier for our clients to understand with metaphors in different industries. Think of it like this:  you just got engaged and the first thing you do is hire an event planner for the wedding. You know Sarah and Jason aren’t going to be cooking the food, hanging decorations or busting out their guitars to sing Kumbaya for your special night. You hire them for their knowledge about the wedding industry, their organizational skills, and their professional connections to the best caterer, decorator, and band — so you aren’t the one putting in the effort to make your night memorable.

In this scenario, Sarah and Jason are your roofing contractors. The caterer, decorator, and band are your subcontractors — which Sarah and Jason have hired. Have you ever seen a poorly planned wedding? Nobody wins. But you can’t go back and with so much on the line — most people are unwilling to hire an event planner with little or no experience and without stellar reviews. When it comes to protecting your home, should it be any different?

Unlike the wedding industry, when you hire a full-service restoration contractor to repair your home and property, there is no “Event” date. So you may find yourself entering into an agreement to have work done on your home, business, or HOA community and you hear the contractor say “Everything should be back to normal in approximately 2 to 4 months”. What?! That’s not efficiency — that’s a nightmare!

This is the nightmare most people experience when their neighborhood is damaged by hail. The hail isn’t the major problem. The insurance companies, although admittedly can be slow in some cases, aren’t the major problem either. It’s usually the contractor that gets in over their head. Trying to act as a general contractor and make all the repairs to the property without the reliable and trusted subcontractors.

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Enter Endeavor Exteriors — Your Trusted Roofing Contractors in Denver

Endeavor Exteriors has the solution to that recurring nightmare. We wear multiple hats and do it all. Your general contractor and subcontractors — the roofing contractors, gutter contractors, painters, window installers, are all in-house (work only for Endeavor). They are a part of our company who share the company-wide philosophy and vision. They understand the problems that we are solving in our industry and we only hire contractors with a passion for their trade. This makes coordinating different trades with efficiency a lot easier.

When we hire an outside subcontractor to tackle our specialty trades, we interview and vet these contractors to verify they’ll fit in with our culture and mission. It’s because we care and stand behind our claim to revolutionize our industry that our clients experience the new standard in storm restoration work.

When you bring together a culture that not only respects the work crews but sees them as a vital ingredient to our success — then you add technological processes to increase functionality and communication — you get a new age contractor that is able to coordinate many different trades with the efficiency usually required of a much larger team. This is how Endeavor Exteriors brings together people, processes and technology to improve the experience for our customers.

About Our Roofing Company

Endeavor Exteriors is a roofing and storm restoration contractor located in Denver, and we believe there are three ways we differ substantially from our competition.

First and foremost, we strive to empower our customers into making the best possible decision for their unique situation. Second, we believe in providing our customers with a level of transparency that can’t be found anywhere else in the restoration industry. Lastly, we utilize technology in the most efficient ways possible to improve the customer experience.

Our operations team has more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of exterior residential construction. That’s why when you call us we make it a goal to finish your project within 28 days. Give us a shot — last month our average was 32 days and that included roofing, gutters, painting, siding and window replacements! We abide by the age-old adage of “The customer is always right, period.”

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