Your Roof is More Than Just Shingles and Tar

Preventative care is vitally important to add life to your roof. Working with a roofing specialist, much like the experts at Endeavor Exteriors, can help you decide what needs to be done to keep your roof in the best shape possible. Here are a few things you should consider to keep your home safe and free of leaks.

  • Install proper ventilation to reduce heat damage due to UV rays.
  • Cut back trees that extend beyond your roofline, as these can damage the roof system.
  • Repair and replace missing and torn shingles.
  • Have ice or snow buildup removed quickly to avoid ice damming.
  • Install ice and water shield on eaves to prevent moisture from creeping under the shingles, resulting in rotted decking or soffits.
  • Clean any mold or mildew to avoid having it spread and cause further damage.

Seek Out Repairs Quickly to Prevent Further Damage

In addition to preventative care, another important way to add life to your roof is to repair any damage or issues quickly. Have you noticed any roof-related issues? Don’t wait another day — a simple phone call could be all it takes to keep your roof and home safe and secure. A few of the roof repair services Endeavor Exteriors provides include the following:

  • Roof leak source analysis and repair.
  • Replacement of wind-damaged shingles.
  • Repair to flat roof systems.
  • Replacement and resealing of flashing.
  • Retrofit pipe jack extensions from the roof line.
  • Installation and repair of roof curbs and chimney caps.
  • General service and repair.