We received a lovely testimonial from a client of ours we wanted to share. At Endeavor Exteriors, we take pride in our residential roofing services in Denver.

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The Roofing Testimonial

"I volunteered to guest blog for Endeavor Exteriors. Endeavor didn’t ask me to write this, and they may not choose to use this either. To be sure, I never used Endeavor Exteriors when I had to replace my roof. Also, I actually liked the roofer I used. I’m simply a normal person who appreciates the rare example of an establishment that treats their craft like an art-form, regardless of the industry. After learning about Endeavor Exteriors because my neighbor used Endeavor, I wish I would’ve found them before deciding on the company I chose. Roofers come out of the woodwork when a neighborhood is ransacked by hail, but Endeavor seems to rise above the ambulance-chasing tactics that plague the industry. Endeavor has a genuine brand, and they’re moving forward with a vision beyond the next hail storm. The professionalism at Endeavor is truly setting a new standard, or – to use their tagline – they’re “Leading the Way.” The typical process, the process I experienced, involves the initial sales associate and/or service writer who’s your best friend at the outset, then once you’re on the schedule, he or she disappears like Jimmy Hoffa. After that, you’re dealing with the crew, which is more than likely an explosion of individuals who’ll pound on anyone’s roof as long as someone will pay them to do it. I don’t think I said a word to the crew from the roofer I used. I was working from home, and suddenly I was experiencing World War III via an attack on top of my house; the onslaught taking the form of hammer-wielding warriors. I prayed to God the world wasn’t ending, and – to be more serious – I just hoped everything would turn out correctly. I would’ve been much more at ease had I known the crew was interviewed – not to mention knowing they were veterans of the trade. It would’ve been an added bonus to learn the crew had been loyal to the same company as the majority of the crew are at Endeavor Exteriors. Further, there are incentives coming from many directions other than the most important aspect of the roofer, which is the integrity of the trade via the professionalism exhibited at Endeavor. As an added bonus, the correct decision can benefit charity albeit Endeavor Exteriors’ charity matching through the deductible paid by the respective insurance company. Additionally, Endeavor has a generous referral program that starts with one referral – leading to a $200 gift card to either Amazon, Nordstrom’s, Cabela’s or a restaurant of your choice. As I said initially, I was happy with my experience, but – if I had referred someone to the roofer I used – I would’ve received a hi-five, possibly a courtesy call, if that. If you refer more than one to Endeavor, the rewards scale-up very impressively at 3 referrals on to 5 referrals than 10 referrals for those who are trapped in a hailstorm vortex. To end, I didn’t have a bad experience, but I wish I could’ve had a great experience. The incentive to not only use Endeavor but refer someone would’ve definitely resulted in at least a $200 gift card. Since my roofer had no such program, I never tried to generate a referral; it was out-of-state, out-of-mind. The charity would’ve made the decision much easier as well. There are so many roofers, so it’s good to know there’s a choice that goes further than the next hail storm. Last, I’d have a better roof. Looking back, there isn’t a choice; there is Endeavor Exteriors, then there’s everyone else. Thank you for reading." - Anonymous

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