Think about where you work. Now imagine if there was little or no communication between your departments and co-workers. It could take multiple attempts for a delivery to go out, for a sales presentation to be prepared, or for that order form to get turned into production. Communication in the 21st century is a hard thing to get right. Everyone wants information right now, and people are adapting to the transparency of social media.

Our team of roofers in Denver at Endeavor Exteriors are great communicators, which is why we're one of the most trusted roofing companies in the area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for a roofing service.

How Social Media Affects Our World

Social media has bridged the gap between corporations, governments and the media, and it has allowed information to be readily accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

This new expectation with communication has been a difficult problem to solve across many different industries.

Without a great model of communication, not only internally, but also for the customer, the new age roofing and storm restoration contractor will fail. There have been countless customers that I’ve had the pleasure of working with that all say the same thing when asked, “What didn’t you like about the process when working with your previous contractor?” Time and time again, it comes down to the lack of communication:

  • “I didn’t know when the work crew was going to show up.”
  • “I couldn’t get a hold of my salesperson or someone in the office that knew my project.”
  • “Nobody showed up on the scheduled day and I had to call the office to get answers.”
  • “The whole thing was just a mess!”
People are starting to get fed up with this problem, and for good reason. When you sign a contract for $15,000 or more, that is usually the biggest investment a family makes throughout the year. Just because the insurance company is paying for it doesn’t mean it’s not your money. When you sign a contract for that large of an amount, you want the best company to represent you and have the best experience possible.

The model of communication that a roofing company upholds is paramount to the experience you will have as the customer.

How We’re Evolving the Roofing Industry

Endeavor Exteriors is a pioneer in communication. Not only do we highly value internal communication but external communication is just as, if not more important. Our team of roofers in Denver has multiple tools to ensure communication within the office is instant and accurate.

The production team is in constant communication throughout the day, letting each other know where each project is at and addressing any problems in real time. This allows us to communicate project updates in real time to our customers, same as they would expect with social media. The best part is a lot of our customers don’t even use social media, and by the end of the project, they’ve had such a great experience that they see the value in instant communication. By adapting to this new model of communicating, innovative companies will revolutionize the roofing industry.

If you ask me, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution didn’t just address the evolution of animals and humans, but everything that humans would go on to do. We are in an interesting period of time for innovation and companies are being forced to evolve at a rapid pace to survive. Throughout history, great managers and companies have always innovated and pushed the boundaries. The difference between then and now is the time frame in which they happen.

In the early 1900’s when Henry Ford was struggling to push the boundaries on transportation, it took him decades to break down the barriers between more powerful forces. His life legacy was revolutionizing the way people thought about transportation and bringing automobiles to the general public.

Fast forward 100 years and it doesn’t take decades for people to revolutionize an industry. It can, and does happen seemingly overnight. Travis Kalanick, in Henry Ford fashion, has again revolutionized the transportation industry. With Uber, it took him months and years — not decades to change the perception people had of transportation.

This kind of innovation is only possible because of the mass network of communication. A person is now able to reach thousands of people with a simple click of a button. Even in a stubborn and “set in your ways” industry like the roofing industry, innovating is the only way to survive.

Lucky for Endeavor Exteriors, that’s one of the main reasons we are in this industry. To weed out the old and bring in the new. To pave the way for the new generation companies that are focused — maybe even obsessed with improving the customer experience. As more and more contractors are forced to change their model to survive this new landscape, the customer will be the ultimate winner, which is what true innovation is all about.

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Focusing on the fundamentals like communication, transparency, and efficiency, people now have a better option for roofing and storm restoration work. Contact us today.