There’s no doubt about it — living in Colorado means that you also learn to live with the occasional spectacular storm. That doesn’t mean you have to love the changeable weather patterns, but learning to recognize a possible threat is wise.

Although winter can bring heavy snows, spring is the time when cloudy days and light rain can quickly develop into violent storms with high winds, hail and occasional flooding. We get it all — straight line winds as well as tornadoes, lightning, severe downdrafts, and hail that can be as large as softballs. Even the National Weather Service acknowledges that Colorado residents should be prepared to take cover quickly if necessary. Severe thunderstorm warnings are issued when winds are in excess of 58 miles per hour, or when hail might reach an inch or larger in diameter.

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Planning Is Important

The type of hail damage Denver residents face varies. Because hail is often accompanied by high winds and driving rain, a severe storm can wreak havoc from the garden to the roof, may dent auto bodies, break windows, rip siding, down fences or crack tree limbs. Collateral damage may be broken power lines and outages, flooded streets and damp basements.

If like most Colorado residents, you love the outdoors and the natural beauty, you probably know when the sky looks ominous. Those dark, fast-moving clouds that seem to hover just above the taller buildings are not the norm here. We’re used to a big blue canopy of sky and the backdrop of the mountains. If the air feels “heavy” and it “smells” like rain, or when the leaves start dancing in the wind, the temperature drops quickly, and the sky grows dark, it is probably time to move indoors and turn on the radio to wait it out.

Unfortunately, storms damage more than Denver roofs. Move your cars under cover if possible, or at least try to cover the windshield. Protect your plants with simple tarps or plastic. Here are some additional tips. You’ll also rest easier if you regularly perform roof repairs and maintenance, including gutter cleaning, on a regular basis.

Choose Our Roof Repair Services

If you are looking for an innovative and reliable roofing contractor for roof repair in Denver, the Endeavor team will schedule an on-site roof inspection of your home. We can also offer advice on the best roofing materials for our sometimes challenging climate.

As a full-service storm restoration company, we stand ready to assist you with repairs if necessary, whether a storm causes damage to your roof, your siding, your gutters or your windows. Contact us today for more information!

We stand ready, but we hope you’ll learn the signs that point to an oncoming store in order to keep yourself and your family safe from harm.