It’s time to get a new roof and you may be stumped on where to start. You could always just look up at the roofs in your neighborhood and settle for something you think might look good, yet you want something more for your home. You want both functionality and eye-popping appeal for your roof not only so you can show off what a great Colorado home you live in, but to also show potential buyers the appeal of the property if and when you plan on selling in the future.

Before you start throwing your money around on the wrong roofing options, let our team of Denver roofs here at Endeavor Exteriors help you select the right roofing shingles that will protect your home and give you a beauty that is unmatched. We will explain the differences of roofing shingles, the materials that are used, the impact resistance and the aesthetic appearance so you have a functional roof that looks its best and performs its best on your Colorado home.

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Choosing the Right Roofing Materials

Decide Based On Location

There are over five different types of roofing shingles out on the market today: wood, metal, slate, asphalt and tile. Your location plays a very important part in selecting the right shingles for your home. In Texas, you may see tile or metal shingles on roofs because they can reflect more heat and prevent the home from warming up during those 100+ degree temperatures. Tile and metal roofing can also be good options for our stormy climate in Denver. Although, with metal, you’ll need to make sure your insurance is covering for cosmetic damage and not only functional damage. These are usually outlined in a “Cosmetic Clause” that your insurance agent can inform you more on.

We can get some severe weather in Denver — just look upward at those stormy skies! The amount of wind, hail, and snow that we see yearly moving across the Southern Rocky Mountains requires a roof that is durable for the long haul. The absolutely last thing you want to do is pick out a roofing material that can’t withstand such adverse weather. You also want shingles that can draw and hold in heat in the winter while reflecting it in the summer to have the ideal indoor temperatures.

Our Colorado roofing company works exclusively with Denver homes to select the right shingles that work best in this changing environment. Our team of roofers is equipped and prepared to handle any shingle installation on your home.

Impact Resistant Factors

Most people don’t place impact resistance at the top of their list for selecting roofing material. Unfortunately, those are the homes we here at Endeavor Exteriors have to repair the most. Impact resistance allows the home to withstand the wind, flying debris, and hail that measures up to 2″ in diameter. We see our fair share of hailstorms in Colorado, but hail with a diameter more than 2″ is fairly uncommon. Even if the roof is struck, the materials can keep protecting it until repairs are made. Here at Endeavor Exteriors, we install impact resistant shingles with a UL-4 rating, the highest rating a shingle can be given for impact resistance. We offer these shingles from the following manufacturers:

Color Palettes To Make Your Home Stand Out

Decorating your home doesn’t have to strictly be reserved for the interior. Let your entire home show off your personality from the roof down to the foundation. Roofing shingles aren’t just available in the standard black colors. There are reds, blues, grays, greens, and tons of colors to select from for your roof shingles.

At Endeavor Exteriors, we use several design techniques to figure out the right color for your roofing shingles. We take into account the style of your home, trim colors, siding colors and your personal preferences. For example, you may want to pick a contrasting color from the one that is on your siding and trim to make the house pop out at the eyes. So for light-colored yellow siding and white trim, you may want to pick black shingles for that stylish modern pizzazz.

If you want a more homey and warm feeling, selecting colors that complement each other is recommended. If you have dark blue siding and white trim, you might want lighter blue shingles that match to give a soothing and calm appearance. If you have more earthy tones such as beige and browns, selecting a dark brown shingle to contrast can give you a modern and sophisticated look.

Get The Right Roof For Your Colorado Home

It is a big decision to pick the right roof for your home. Get a personalized opinion on the materials, styles, and colors or roofing shingles that will last a lifetime from Endeavor Exteriors. Our Colorado roofing company will perform a comprehensive roofing inspection and give you the best options for your particular home. Call our team of roofers at Endeavor Exteriors or fill out our contact form to receive your samples today.