Windows For Your Home & Your Health


New windows can increase energy efficiency, curb appeal, and feelings of security. Windows provide us with a glimpse of the outside world from the comfort of our home. Yet, did you know the natural light from your windows can impact your health? Here we will discuss the amazing benefits of natural light for you and your home.


What Your Windows Can Do For You:


Benefits From Your Windows

Your windows bring in warmth, beauty, and they bring some unexpected health benefits. From boosting your Vitamin D to giving you better mental clarity, the natural light from your windows can significantly improve your well-being. Here’s what else natural light from your home’s windows can do for you:


Boosts The Production Of Vitamin D

The natural light from your windows can help your body produce Vitamin D. A study conducted in 2010 found that Vitamin D influences the functioning of over 200 genes in our bodies. It’s an essential vitamin that helps your body absorb calcium, which builds stronger bones. Vitamin D plays a critical role in boosting your immune system. Natural light helps the body create Vitamin D which helps T cells, the cells that fight foreign pathogens. With colder temperatures coming, it’s important to have a strong immune system to stay healthy. It also decreases feelings of depression by releasing a natural antidepressant and mood enhancer called Serotonin. This can help alleviate pain, give you energy, and help you feel more rested.


Reducing Stress & Blood Pressure

Life can get stressful and it can be hard to find a minute to ourselves. Taking just 30 minutes in the morning to take in some natural light can help you become better at handling situations that might cause anxiety or stress. Natural light changes the levels of nitric oxide in your skin and blood that helps lower blood pressure. This can reduce your risk for a heart attack and stroke. With all the stresses in life it’s important to keep yourself healthy and your windows can play a part in improving that.


It Can Make You Smarter & Improve Your Vision

Natural light from your windows can improve your brain function and help you perform better at work or at home. In a study done by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, people performed 10 to 25% better on tests of mental function and memory recall when they worked in a room with daylight and a view, compared to those without. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, natural light can be a key part in helping your productivity and performance.


Getting some natural light can also help improve your vision. Artificial light is known to be harmful and cause eye strains and headaches. Some daily exposure to natural light triggers Dopamine, a chemical in the eye that promotes normal growth and development. From improving your brain function to helping your eyes, natural light can bring you substantial benefits.


Maintaining Healthy Sleep Cycles

Naturally, we have an internal clock that tells us when to wake up when there is light outside and to sleep when it is dark. If you are getting too much of one, it can throw this clock off and start effecting our circadian rhythm. A study found that people exposed to natural light during the day slept 46 minutes longer than those that didn’t. Whether it is natural light from work or from home, more sleep can go a long ways for your performance and productivity.


Improving SAD- Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder occurs when the seasons change, typically during the Fall and Winter. It is known to disrupt the circadian rhythm and decrease serotonin and melatonin. This can lead to mood changes, lack of energy, problems falling asleep, and more. All of these changes occur because of the lack of sunlight. Soaking in some natural light from your windows can decrease the symptoms of SAD.


What Windows Can Do For Your Home:


Home Improvement

Your windows can bring significant value to your home. New windows can give your home a 70% ROI. Not only does upgrading your windows maximize your home’s value, they can make your home feel more spacious and open. Your eyes are drawn to windows and from the long list of benefits, you can never have too many windows.


Energy Efficiency

Whether you’re putting in new windows or utilizing your current windows, there are ways to make your home energy efficient. Natural lighting is the easiest way to reduce the electric bill. Avoid flipping the light switch and open your curtains to let the natural light in and fill your space. Modern windows are designed to be more energy efficient and can provide you significant savings. Upgrading your windows can reduce the amount of noise you hear from the outside. You can even get your windows tinted to reduce UV exposure. Be sure to check and see if you can get a tax credit for your energy efficient windows.


If you plan on adding new windows to your home or are creating your new home you can enjoy comfort all year-round by utilizing the sun’s position. You can naturally heat your home during the winter and enjoy a cooler home during the summer by strategically placing your windows in your home. If you’re building your home here are some rules to follow that can help you make the most of your windows and their natural light.

Better Security


Older windows can be easier to unlock and lack the newer security features that modern windows have. Upgrading your windows can give you more than just a new aesthetic. New windows can make your home more secure and bring you peace of mind whether you are home or away. From tempered glass to higher quality window locks your home will feel protected.


How To Maximize Your Natural Light

The natural light from windows can bring amazing health benefits for you and your home. Here are some tips to making the most of your natural light.


  • Don’t block your windows with furniture


  • Choose white interior window frames to reflect the natural light


  • Place mirrors where natural light can reflect


  • Avoid heavy drapes or window treatments


  • Keep windows clean to let in as much light as possible


  • Choose lighter colors to reflect the light- Darker colors absorb light


  • Choose glass doors or doors with windows wherever you can


Choosing The Right Contractor


With so many benefits that come from windows it’s important to have a contractor that only wants the best for you. Endeavor Exteriors partners with top window manufacturers that can give you quality windows with all the advantages. Whether you’re looking to upgrade one window or all of them, we are here to guide you through the process and match your vision the best we can. We provide clear communication, transparency, and technology that helps make your project worry-free. Start planning your window project today!