Apartment complex with a finished roof.

If it’s time to replace your roof, you may find yourself wondering: how do I make sure I’m choosing the right people for the job?

It could be that you’ve never replaced a roof before, and you need to know where to start. Or maybe you have replaced a roof before, but the experience was terrible.

So many contractors cause homeowners unnecessary stress with poor communication and lackluster results that barely do the job. Knowing which qualities make the difference between a good contractor and a great one will allow you to avoid frustration down the road.

Endeavor Exteriors has years of experience doing roof work for Denver locals. We have hundreds of positive reviews attesting to the quality of our roofing work in both residential and commercial settings. If you need a contractor for multifamily roofs in Denver, this article will help you learn how to pick the best.

Do Roofing Contractors Need Certifications In Denver?

The state of Colorado doesn’t require roofing contractors to acquire any certifications in order to begin working. However, it’s recommended that homeowners contract GAF-certified roofing contractors for repairs and installations. This ensures a standard of quality that keeps your family safe when conditions are severe.

Your family deserves a solid roof over their heads. You have every right to be concerned about whether or not a contractor is qualified to do the job. Whether constructing single-family or multifamily roofs in Denver, using a certified contractor will keep the occupants of your home safe from the elements.

Unsure of where to find a certified contractor? At Endeavor Exteriors, we are certified GAF Master Elite contractors and GAF Low Slope contractors.

We can give you a beautiful rooftop that makes a statement and checks every safety requirement.

Are Reviews Important When Searching For A Roofing Contractor?

Just like in other industries, customer reviews can reveal a lot about the quality of an organization’s services. For roofing contractors, reviews can provide insight regarding factors you may find important as a homeowner, like communication, timeliness, and overall craftsmanship.

If your roof installation isn’t done properly the first time, it can lead to severe issues later on.

In Denver, multifamily roofs require particular care due to the intensity of storms in the area. For example, a single leak from heavy rainfall could lead to a mold issue that affects multiple families.

Or, poorly secured shingles could open your property to the risk of a pest infestation.

There are numerous ways your roof installation might go wrong, but in most cases, all can be avoided by working with licensed professionals.

House with Spanish tile rooftop.

Can You Ask A Roofing Contractor To See A Portfolio?

If you’re on the fence about hiring a contractor after reading their reviews, you can request to see a portfolio of their past work. Even if you have full confidence in a contractor’s abilities, it’s smart to browse through their portfolio and get a better sense of their style.

Any professional contractor will have their portfolio available upon request. Most companies even include them on their websites. As you shop around Denver for roofing contractors, compare their online portfolios to make sure you’re choosing the option that’s right for you.

Wouldn’t you be more comfortable knowing you don’t need to worry about craftsmanship before the job even begins? Viewing a contractor’s portfolio ensures that you’re both on the same page. It also makes it easier for you to communicate your vision in a way that aligns with your contractor’s abilities.

How Important Is Communication When Working With A Roofing Contractor?

It’s important to work with a contractor that respects your vision and hears your concerns. If your contractor won’t listen carefully when you describe something like the extent of damage, there’s a risk that the job won’t be completed properly.

When installing single-family or multifamily roofs in Denver, it’s wise to seek a contractor who emphasizes the importance of your input.

Keep an eye out for customer reviews that highlight excellent service and attention. Many roofing contractors today also offer web-based customer service. If you can find a company that has great reviews and offers web-based support, it’s definitely one worth considering.

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Who Checks All The Boxes?

The ideal roofing has certifications, positive reviews, great communication skills, and a portfolio that reflects the quality of their workmanship.

If you’re new to the Denver area and worried about finding a reliable contractor to work on your roof, you’ll be relieved to learn that at Endeavor Exteriors, we do it all.

We’re GAF-certified. We have great customer service and communication skills with testimonials to prove it. And we value your vision.

We’ll repair, replace, or provide whatever maintenance you’d like for your rooftop to make sure your family is as secure as possible. To learn more about how Endeavor Exteriors can meet your single-family and multifamily roofing needs, schedule a free consultation today.