Signs That You Need A New Roof

For homeowners, replacing a roof can be a daunting task. It’s time consuming. It can be costly. And it disrupts the ecosystem of your home for a period of time. Even if your home hasn’t suffered damage due to storms or other unforeseen circumstances, it could be time for a roofing remodel.

So, how do you know if you need a roof repair, or a full replacement? In addition to using our roof cost estimator to estimate roof replacement costs, here are some ways to find out.


Visual Inspection: Pass Or Fail?

Looking at your roof from different angles around your home, does your roof look worn out? Have you found broken asphalt shingles around your yard? Is your metal roof rusting or deteriorating? Does the color of your roof appear dull or uneven? If you have missing, cracked, or broken shingles, start looking for roofing professionals.

The next step is to hop on a ladder and get onto your roof (safely). If you can, walk around and check existing roofing material for holes and other damage. Are any shingles curling? That’s a sign of poor roof ventilation. When you replace your roof, experienced roofing professionals will be able to tell you about existing roof replacement deals and help you fix that issue.

Check the gutters. Do you see pieces of roofing or granules? This is a warning sign that your roof has limited time before it needs to be replaced.

Does your roof pass the visual inspection test? If not, it’s probably time for a new one.


The Test Of Time

How long ago was your roof installed? Depending on the roofing materials of your home, the time of needing a new roof could be coming up. An asphalt shingle roof can last between 15-30 years on average. Metal roofs can last closer to 40-60 years. Wood shakes and shingles generally last around 30 years. Slate tile roofs can last anywhere from 75 to nearly 150 years. Clay tile roofs last between 50-100 years.  

Costs Of Different Roofing Types

The type of roofing installed is one of the biggest factors in cost. You will probably hear the contractor you’re dealing with talk about roofing Squares. Roofing shingles are often sold as a “square,” which translates to 100 square feet. Don’t be fooled by lack of transparency with this term. Make sure you understand which metric they are talking about when you’re given a quote.

Labor & Installation Costs

You want a roof that will withstand the often unpredictable Colorado weather. To do that, you need good materials and a team that gets the job done right. Average roof replacement cost with labor costs are between $4-$6 per square foot (or $400-$600 per square foot). Labor costs vary depending on the roofing company, their location, and the level of experience necessary for different roofing types. While some roofing companies are experts in asphalt roofing, others know how to expertly install metal roofs. Even if you buy the highest quality materials, your roof is only as good as the people who install it.  You know the saying: you get what you pay for. You don’t want to have a saggy, soggy roof in a few years. Hire a team that you can trust because the roof over your head is a key part of keeping your entire home in good condition.  

What Can Affect The Cost Of Roofing Remodels?

Not every roof is simple to repair or replace. There are some factors that could make your roofing remodel more expensive than your friend down the street, such as:
  • Total square footage
  • The roof pitch and slope 
  • The complexity of your roof
  • The current roofing material (for removal)
  • The type of material you’re replacing it with
  • Local permits and other fees
  • Your local labor rates

Roof Replacement: Hidden Costs

Change Orders

The American Bar Association¹ defines "change order" as: the industry term for an amendment to a construction contract that changes the contractor's scope of work. Most change orders modify the work required by contract documents (which, in turn, usually increases the contract price) or adjust the amount of time the contractor has to complete the work, or both. For there to be a valid change order, the owner and contractor must both agree on all terms. This pertains to any damage that may not be visible. While inspections help limit the amount of change orders that could happen, they won’t be able to capture every possibility under your current roofing. Change orders often include:
  • Rotted decking or plywood underneath the roof
  • Damaged siding when tearing off the old roof 
  • Ice and water shield to protect from ice damming

Unexpected Or Hidden Problems To Be Aware Of

Don’t let these common issues sneak up on you.
  • Ice damming issues around perimeter 
  • Gutter slopes not correctly installed 
  • Incorrectly installed HVAC furnace caps (cause carbon monoxide buildup) 
  • Loose plumbing pipes 

Enjoy Your Roof Replacement Project!

Although replacing a roof can be a time consuming endeavor, it should also be an enjoyable experience. There is nothing better than finding a team you can trust and loving the final product. A new roof can be a facelift for your home, making it look 10 years younger. It’s a great way to modernize and upgrade your home in a meaningful way. As you’re considering what types of roofing could be for you, feel free to check out our 3D Home App! You take pictures of your home and are able to see how different types of roofing would look. Then, if you find something you love we will send you FREE samples of the material. It’s seriously that easy. Happy remodeling!

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