Colorado weather can be so unpredictable! In an instant, it changes and affects your most precious asset: your home.

We put so much effort into having a beautiful house where we can rest, eat, spend time with our loved ones. Nowadays, some of us even work inside our homes. This has given a whole new meaning to our house, if it was important before, today is essential. We want a beautiful, well maintained home to live in.

Weather can mess up your property and create a lot of stress you didn’t ask for.

A storm can suddenly break into the sky, make a tree branch fall and break your window. The wind is so strong that it took the shingles off your roof. Golf-ball-sized hail hits and damages the siding.

Born and raised in Colorado, we grew up with these problems. We’ve been taking care of insurance claims and repairs for so long, that we are experts in dealing with the damage. Here are a few actions you can do to enjoy a stormy day instead of suffering from it.

Action #1: Regularly Check For Damage

Revising your home on a regular basis is a good preventive strategy. Still, when you’re not a specialist, you may leave out damages that are not visible to regular-human eyes. This may be very frustrating: you check your home every month, and still, your siding gets some serious hidden damage you didn’t even imagine could happen.

Although some signs of storm damage are obvious, other signs are hard to spot unless you are an experienced maintenance contractor. This includes mold, internal leaking, cracked pipes that go through the walls, and many other components that make your house functional.

It can take up to a year before the effects of wind, hail, or rain reveal themselves.

The best way to prevent severe damage is to personally check your home regularly and call a professional to take a look once or twice a year. Being consistent with revisions will save you lots of unnecessary stress and money. You can even put them in your Google Calendar — or whichever calendar you use — to remember.

Pro-tip: Reach for professional help during the storm season, from mid-April to mid-August. It´s also good to recheck it in October, when mold and leaks start to flourish due to water during storm season.

Damaged Roofing

Action #2: When The Damage Is Done, Act QUICK

Every time our house gets damaged by the weather, we get a little upset. It’s easy to ignore the problem. Any unpleasant task is hard to tackle, but procrastination can be your worst enemy when it comes to siding.

Any crack, leak, mold, or rot on your siding should be addressed immediately. This is best if completed by a professional, as ripping the piece off may cause damage to the yet-undamaged siding.

Don’t let frustration deepen the wound: get right to it and attend to the issue before it gets bigger. From experience, we know costs can go way up: imagine having to replace all your siding instead of fixing a small crack.

Revise your siding regularly and call a professional as soon as you notice any damage. This way, you’ll be able to prevent your ticket from getting too high on repairs.

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Action #3: Use A Reliable Contractor For Lasting Repairs

Maybe your siding has been damaged by a Denver storm so many times that you’ve grown sick of it. You’ve repaired it multiple times, and it keeps happening again. Repair costs keep piling up month after month and you don’t know what to do about it.

Please don’t rain on my parade! Broadway jokes probably won’t stop the storm from damaging your house. But a quality repair will.

If it’s within your budget, replacing your siding might be the best solution to stop the neverending repairs in your home. A lasting repair is made of two ingredients: quality materials and expertise. We recommend you go for stone, cement, vinyl, or wood when it comes to materials. At Endeavor Exteriors, we have a vast catalog of the best products in the market. And expertise to help you choose which is best for your home.

Still, you can rely on whichever company you choose to suggest the best brand for your particular situation.

It depends on your budget and style: while cement is long lasting, there´s nothing like wood siding. Make sure you always find a contractor with an operating license and good reviews.

Pro Tip: Make sure the reviews are from real people. Since good reviews have become a must in the internet culture, many companies make them up or have employees leave reviews.

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Action #4: Replace Your Siding With Quality Materials

Sometimes repairing siding will not be enough to solve the problem. You know you need to replace it, but worry about it getting damaged even though you are investing a lot of money. Let’s walk through some siding materials to help you make a cost-effective decision.

Stone is the material that will last the most, but it is also the most expensive. This option looks elegant and lasts long, but is not an option for certain budgets.

On the other hand, we have classic wood siding: looks beautiful and lasts a long time. But then, it also needs a lot of maintenance. You want to consider maintenance costs when picking this material. The worst enemy of wood: water. You will have to trim bushes and trees to keep them from wetting the siding. Also, clean gutters regularly, re-caulk around doors and windows, and apply a clear sealer or wood stain to the siding.

If you choose a cement siding, you will have one of the most durable materials without paying the high prices of stone. It is perfect for Colorado weather conditions since it will resist the heat, the snow, and the water. Also, repairs don’t cost as much as they do for wood siding. It might not be a classic when it comes to looks, but you can choose from a range of new cement mixes that will make your house look great and modern.

When it comes to price, you can’t beat vinyl siding. It is the most cost-effective way to protect your house from Colorado weather. It provides both functionality and beauty. Some vinyl sidings are built to promote better insulation for energy efficiency and even have soundproofing qualities. Vinyl is incredibly low maintenance and comes with several attractive design options.

There are a few other materials you can choose from, but the most important thing is that you hire a reliable contractor. Choosing the right siding partner will give you the best option for your particular needs.

If you want to know more about low maintenance sidings, you can read this blog.

Regular Checkups + Acting Quickly + Quality Exteriors + A Reliable Contractor = Peace Of Mind
Now you have 4 actions you can take to stop stressing about the weather: have regular revisions done by you and your trusted contractor, act quickly on any damage, choose quality siding for your home, and a reliable repair company.

If you feel like you want to address some repairs right now or prevent more significant problems in the future, you can get a quick quote from us. Just download the Hover 3D Home App! Take some pictures, add different siding options, and get free samples from Endeavor. Seriously! It’s that simple. Download the Hover 3D Home App today!

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