Best Siding For Your Home: Vesta From Quality Edge 

So, you’re in the market for new siding, do you know what material you will choose? If you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to say you are researching various siding materials available. Have you considered steel siding? If you’re really looking for a durable siding material, steel is a top contender that is on a whole new level to some of the best siding alternatives. And if you are already considering steel siding, great! We are here to share the benefits of one of the best siding materials for your home - Vesta.

What Is Vesta Siding?

Leading the industry in quality and innovation means thinking outside of the box.  Quality Edge’s latest innovation is Vesta Steel Siding. This siding is designed to challenge the status quo. Vesta siding was influenced by the widely recognized Nordic Ships from 1100 CE. This style is based on the shiplap structure used for these remarkable ships. Shiplap is created by tightly fitting each piece of timber together to make a continuous plank. This particular design helped the Nordic ships travel faster in the water and these strong joints create an air-tight seal that could withstand the treacherous seas, salty winds, and volatile climates. Inspired by the strength of shiplap, Quality Edge designed Vesta to have the same unique look with the strength of metal, a high-performing combination.

Benefits Of Vesta Steel Siding

So how does Vesta perform against other popular siding materials? Below are the top benefits of choosing Vesta siding over the other guys. Durability Vesta siding provides your home with a triple threat weather defense. The long, narrow stacking of the beams create proper air circulation with interlocking channels that divert moisture away from the seams. Creating a healthy air flow improves the structural integrity of your siding. Vesta siding is sealed in an anti-corrosive zinc barrier to prevent rusting and wear. Choosing Vesta siding safeguards you against costly maintenance problems and helps lower your carbon footprint. Vesta siding is a top choice because:
    • It won’t rot, crack, or chip
    • Insect and pest resistant
    • Moisture resistant
    • Class A fire rating

Vesta siding won’t rust or absorb moisture, even during the worst Colorado storms which means you won’t be paying extra money for unforeseen maintenance. There is no caulking or repainting necessary, making it a more cost-effective siding. A quick wash twice a year can have your siding looking as good as new.



Due to the increased demand for greener, more recycled content, the North American steel industry has reduced CO2 intensity per ton by 37 percent since 1990. This greener lifestyle can start with your home. Choosing a siding, such as Vesta, that’s a planet-loving material and is 100% recyclable can be used continuously without ever compromising strength. Your decision to switch to a more sustainable siding option can have substantial benefits for the planet. There are typically 60 to 80 million tons of steel scrap recycled per year into new steel products in North America. Steel siding is a renewable resource that is easily recycled and reused. Vesta siding can bring out the uniqueness of your home without sacrificing environmental impact. Colors and Styles Vesta siding offers 9 bold hues and 4 unique wood grains to create any look you desire. With a rich color palette, ranging from bold to quiet, your home can be styled however you want. Vesta utilizes the popularity of Ombre and embraced it for their color palette.

The steel is designed to look like wood with each color consisting of six unique grain configurations to replicate natural wood. Each piece of siding was carefully crafted to resemble the natural variation of stained wood. This means that you can find the same irregular grains, rays, and color deposits seen on the surface of wood in your Vesta siding. It looks great up-close and from a distance, you would only know it was steel by the touch.

Coal Color- Vesta Steel SidingColor Palette- Vesta Siding

Not only can you accentuate your home’s color, you can style your Vesta siding anyway you want. Styling your siding to be vertical or horizontal can help highlight your home’s features. You can even stagger or structure your seaming to help create extra texture. Each plank is painted with a high-dimension tri-color paint that captures light, medium, and dark wood grain details creating a multi-dimensional look. From pencil sketches to the final product, Vesta siding was expertly engineered for you and your home. Your steel siding can give you an ROI of 86% and maximize your home’s value. Be sure to try out Quality Edge’s Chameleon program that lets you try on different colors and styles for your home.

Who Is Quality Edge?

Manufacturers of Vesta, Quality Edge started out in a garage back in 1989 with a simple mission ,“Make the best drip edge in the world and blow the customers mind by shipping it within 72 hours.” Over the years, Quality Edge moved out of the garage and continued to raise the bar as a top steel manufacturer. Quality Edge is committed to customer satisfaction and leading the industry with quality products for homeowners. Their passion to ask questions, find new possibilities, and learn from old problems puts them above the competition. At Quality Edge the innovation never stops, which means your home’s siding is made with the best quality and a team dedicated to bringing YOU the best.

Quality Edge is committed to creating long-term sustainability with every product they produce. Quality Edge takes genuine actions to ensure a better, cleaner future for generations to come. They recycle 100% of the remains, contributing to the over 8 billion pounds of aluminum recycled annually. Quality Edge tries to minimize the amount of scrap used during manufacturing to fulfill their commitment and create greener products and greener business practices.

Choosing Sustainable Contractors

Endeavor Exteriors partners with top siding manufacturers like Quality Edge to deliver the finest materials for your home. We want to help make your home exactly how you want it with our worry-free process. We give you clear communication, transparency, and a knowledgeable team that can help guide you with your decisions every step of the way. We know that you shouldn’t have to worry about your siding and we can provide a top siding material that can last up to 50 years and helps the planet! Give us a call today to start designing your dream home, together.

By: Makenna Maikish