Sustainable Siding: EDCO

Choosing the right siding for your home involves lots of research and information to navigate. You want a quality siding, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on the environmental impact and the impact on YOU. Metal siding is a top choice for your home. Metal is the strongest siding on the market. It outperforms in strength, durability, low-maintenance, and sustainability. It’s time to pick a siding that can withstand Colorado’s climate and provide your home with a high-level of defense with minimal maintenance for YOU. Here we will outline what makes metal siding a top performer and why EDCO is a quality manufacturer to trust for your next siding project.

EDCO: A Top Siding Manufacturer

EDCO was established in 1946 and has years of experience in the industry. They’ve consistently been a leader in innovative products and strive to provide more affordable siding for residential homeowners. Starting out in asphalt siding, EDCO’s adaptable nature and core value, “Never satisfied” came to life. As materials became more advanced, EDCO saw the potential of creating more innovative, quality, and sustainable products for homeowner’s. EDCO utilizes the durability and strength of metal siding, so your home can be protected from all climates. EDCO’s passion for excellence is what puts their products above the rest by using materials that are sustainable for life. From the wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, to the high-performing and low-maintenance; your home’s siding is backed by a manufacturer committed to quality and integrity. Here is why EDCO is a top-performer for siding manufacturers:
    • EDCO is the oldest and largest manufacturer of pre-finished metal siding products in the United States
    • Offers the best warranty in the industry that covers product and labor
    • A company committed to creating a cleaner Earth, starting with cleaner materials

Benefits Of Choosing Metal Siding 

Metal siding provides your home with a layer of protection from Colorado’s climate, with a unique style that’s one of the most durable materials available today. The benefits that come from upgrading to metal siding include: Increased Value When it comes to your home you should pick the siding materials that can maximize your home’s value and provides a high ROI. With the look of wood but the strength of galvanized steel, metal siding can protect your home while giving your home a fresh, unique look in the neighborhood.
    • Give your home a natural wood grain texture with a proprietary finish
    • Metal siding gives homeowner’s an ROI of 85%
Low-maintenance Worrying about repainting your siding, fading, or chipping won’t be on your mind with metal siding. Finding a low-maintenance siding has never been easier. EDCO is constantly redesigning and utilizing technology to provide better siding materials for homeowners.
    • There is no caulking or repainting necessary
    • Your colors won’t chip, crack, or peel
    • A quick wash can have you siding looking good as new
Durability Colorado’s climate can be volatile but EDCO metal siding is up for the job. Metal siding is non-porous, it will never freeze or crack like vinyl can, especially in the colder climates. A crack in your siding could mean water infiltration, which could lead to water leaking in through your roof or windows, potentially causing mold or other maintenance issues down the line.
    • There won’t be any swelling, decomposing, or mold due to the moisture resistance
    • Insects and pests can’t penetrate the metal
    • Metal siding is non-combustible, reducing the possibility for a fire
    • Designed to withstand Colorado climates
    • Non-prorated limited warranty, which includes a 35-year fade warranty
Energy Efficiency Replacing your siding can save you 30% on energy bills throughout the year. EDCO specializes in creating affordable products for homeowners, even after the install. You might even qualify for a tax credit for investing in an energy efficient siding for your home.
    • EDCO can coat its siding in cool-paint technology to provide more energy efficient homes and better savings for homeowners
Comfortability A durable siding can prevent wind from getting in, which can make your heater work harder and cost you money. Investing in an insulated metal siding can raise your R-value from 0.61 to 2.2-2.63. With colder climates, it’s important to get a siding that can keep you and your family comfortable with sacrificing quality.
    • Insulating your siding, especially in Colorado, keeps you and your family comfortable
    • Extra insulation gives you a more sound resistant siding, keeping outside noises at bay
Here is our guide to how metal siding stands up to a popular siding choice, vinyl. Vinyl Vs. Metal Siding Colors & Styles EDCO offers a wide variety of styles and colors to fit your home’s aesthetic. Metal siding gives your home a fresh, new look with the strength of steel. Not only can you choose the style you want, there are lots of colors and finishing options to create the home you envisioned. From lap to vertical to shake siding, you can make your home how you want without compromising on quality and durability. Check out some inspiration.

EDCO: Willow & Sage ( and Batten Metal Siding Willow & Sage Board & Batten Steel Siding

EDCO: Wickertone with Traditional Lap Steel Siding Wickertone with Traditional Lap Steel Siding Classic Blue with an Arrowline Shake Steel Siding Classic Blue with an Arrowline Shake Steel Siding

Protecting Your Home and The Planet

Choosing a siding is a choice that effects more than just your home. By picking a sustainable siding, like EDCO, you can do your part for the environment. Not only are you getting new siding for your home, you are getting material that was already recycled. Steel siding is 100% recyclable and made of at least 25% minimum of recycled materials. A claim no one else in the industry can make. It can be recycled continuously and never lose its strength or quality. Today’s steel is 30% stronger and requires 34% less energy to produce than the steel made 40 years ago. EDCO strives itself on creating products that won’t negatively impact future generations. All across North America, more steel is recycled every year than aluminum, glass, paper, and plastic combined. Picking steel siding means being more environmental efficient leading to financial efficiency. With less maintenance costs and higher savings on energy bills, metal siding is what can maximize your home’s value. Metal siding also reduces your carbon footprint. Through recycling, U.S. steelmakers save enough energy each year to supply Los Angeles with almost ten years of electricity. Each ton of steel recycled saves 56% of the energy required to create new steel. Choosing metal siding is the greener choice. Navigating all the siding choices out there can feel overwhelming but not many of them can guarantee an environmentally friendly choice. EDCO is a company that values the importance of being a sustainable company for their homeowners. Creating a greener Earth for future generations is important and the first step can start with YOU.

Endeavor Exteriors and EDCO

Partnering with a top manufacturer means utilizing a top contractor to help with your project. Endeavor Exteriors values the importance of sustainability and partners with manufacturers, like EDCO, that share a similar vision. We want to make your siding project simple and hassle-free. Our knowledgeable team will guide you in your decision and give your home exactly what you envisioned. Our team gives you clear communication throughout your whole project. We want your remodeling project to be easy and give you the results you always wanted. Give us a call today and get started on your sustainable siding project.

By: Makenna Maikish