Don’t hire “Chuck in a Truck.” In the end, that’s the primary aim of this blog – to protect you from Chuck. Why this emphasis on Chuck? First, let’s help those who’re struggling with who Chuck is.

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Don’t Hire “Chuck in a Truck”

Chuck is the most incredible man to grace the Denver Metro area — or the world for that matter. He is the Jack Of All Trades. Chuck can mow your lawn, fix your pipes, paint your house, install a sprinkler system, fix your car, and — of course — provide a new roof. Chuck is capable of doing all of these things cheap and with the highest quality — not to mention super fast.

Chuck is also sort of an enigma. You won’t find Chuck on the Internet; he doesn’t have business cards, and he doesn’t have a storefront. Chuck finds you. You must be chosen, and it’s by the grace of the stars you were given such a gift of timeliness, high quality and affordability. Chuck can’t provide this to everyone,  only those who are chosen.

How We're The Real Roofing Contractors

The point is, there is no “Chuck” — at least not to the extent that he’ll promise to attain high-quality work, timeliness and low cost. Many are familiar with the “triangle,”  where we’re able to pick only two sides out of the three. The sides are comprised of quality, timeliness and price. However, there’s another component that’s overlooked, especially by those who’re falling victim to Chuck.

Credibility is overlooked too often, and most don’t know they’re doing it because it’s…well…overlooked. This blog is to ensure you choose roofing contractors in Denver who are reliable and credible. Endeavor Exteriors has the triangle covered (quality, timeliness and price). We’ll lead the way on your next roofing project.

Endeavor Exteriors – Choose Our Five Star Roofing Company

No one is ever going to tell you they don’t have credibility; that’s the job of the consumer to make sure they know who they’re dealing with. We’ll make this part easy for you. How do you ask? Rather than reiterate how we’re the best in several different ways, we’ll refer you to multiple review sites. In the end, it doesn’t matter where you seek these reviews; they’re all good.

Many people are very aware of how businesses are scored on Yelp. You’ll find we have a five-star rating on Yelp. Kelli S. wrote the following: “The guys at Endeavor are seriously so awesome. Customer service at its finest. Whenever I called or emailed Nik, I had a response that same day. Also had a new roof on my house within a week. Great work. I HIGHLY recommend. Thanks, Endeavor.”

The time-tested Better Business Bureau (BBB) has been a trusted source of rating companies since 1912. We’ve maintained a 100% positive rating since being accredited with the BBB. Also, we have the top A+ rating. One of our 27 positive reviews reads as follows: “Endeavor was great. They were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone was polite and very hardworking. The little debris at the end of the day was totally cleaned up. Made a real effort to accommodate my schedule. Couldn’t have been better. (Melba I.)”

Social media has been kind to us as well. We enjoy a 5.0-star rating on Facebook thanks to all 5.0-star reviews. Jay H. wrote a review detailing our work on his property, which was more extensive than the typical project. Here’s Jay’s review: “I used Endeavor Exteriors for roof replacement, painting, and gutters on our 1912 Craftsman. Chris was transparent and forthcoming at every step of the way. Edgar brought a 3 man crew for a huge roof but got it done before the weekend. And Ricardo and his painting crew did excellent work. I recommend them highly.”

Last, we have 4.9 rating on Google. We’ve had 21 people kind enough to take their time to voice their positive experience on Google. Kat C. wrote, “Over 1/2 the roofing companies we spoke to were only interested in our insurance money and how much we got. The other 1/2 didn’t want to come to our home and give us an estimate. After being very frustrated and concerned that all roofers were dishonest our insurance agent recommended Endeavor Exteriors. They were a breath of fresh air. Honest, professional and fast! They worked with our mortgage company (and they are high maintenance and difficult to work with) for us to make this relationship easy and seamless.  Our roof is perfect and it took 2 days (the last roof we put on a couple of years ago took 7-8 days to put on). These guys are amazing!”

No Bragging, Just Facts

We’re not bragging with the above showcase of reviews and review sources. Other roofers brag, but they’re very wary of referring anyone to a 100% transparent laundry list of reviews via several third-party sites. We operate with the peace of mind knowing we do what we say — leaving the customers to say what we do — whether it be through Yelp, BBB, Facebook, Google, etc. Actions speak louder than words.

We thank you for trusting your home in our hands, and we’re thankful in this Thanksgiving season we were able to protect you from Chuck! Feel free to leave your thoughts on any and/or all of our various sites above to review your experience with Endeavor Exteriors, or contact us.

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