Endeavor Exteriors is known for leading the way in the roofing industry. Find out in this blog post how we're helping lead a new leadership model for those who want to get into the industry to provide roofing services to Denver individuals.

The Roofing Industry

The roofing industry isn’t a glamorous industry by any means, except for the many in it who are only interested in a quick buck. By that metric, you tend to see some folks who think they are pretty glamorous.

Depending on the level of skill and salesmanship an individual has, you can make (not easily) a six-figure salary within your first year. To a 20-year-old kid, that can be all the motivation they need to start a journey in the roofing and storm restoration industry (that was me).

But how does that affect the end user (the customer) when you work with a firm that is primarily concerned with how much money they are making? You may get a good service based on some variables that are outside of your control:
  1. Did your insurance company pay enough to incentivize the company to work hard for you?
  2. Do you own a big house (bigger roof means bigger commissions)?
  3. Does the company have internal incentives based on customer service?
  4. Does the company foster a culture of individual improvement and leadership?

All of these seem like factors you cannot control as a consumer, but can you? In fact, you can control the factors that pertain to the type of company you decide to hire (questions 3-4). It’s the power you have as a consumer.

If you believe in a health-conscious environment, you’re probably not going to give your money to corporations like McDonald’s or Burger King. Your dollar may not go as far but you’ll probably stick to Chipotle (better) or one of the many other health-conscious eateries in Denver.

If you believe in good service and working with a company that provides the best warranties for their work, you probably aren’t going to contract with a company who doesn’t have a proven track record of doing just that. At Endeavor Exteriors, we do.

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A New Way

The business model of the roofing industry is dated and unworthy of the 21st century. I might offend some people by saying this, but this is an industry that lacks leadership. There is a leadership crisis, which is why there’s such a horrible perception of storm restoration contractors.

Leaders are primarily focused on their bottom line. How can I buy a new boat next year? How can I buy a new Ferrari or Lamborghini? I really need that new house downtown. It’s all about ME. This is the type of leadership that runs rampant — and to be fair it’s not only this industry. Quick money, pay your team decent wages, people don’t really feel fulfilled or what they are doing is important, and it becomes a dangerous cycle of quick money.

For this industry to change, means the leadership needs to change. We are a company focused on leadership. What does leadership mean? Why do we exist as a company? How do we make sure our people are truly fulfilled in what they are doing?

When you start asking yourself those questions as an organization, you get to the deeper meaning of what you are supposed to be doing and why you are doing it. This new business model is the human leadership model.

Human Leadership

Endeavor Exteriors was created to innovate and change the storm restoration industry for the better. A naive quest that we believed would be easy — given the state of the industry. As we began to dig deeper into what the real problems were, we started envisioning the solutions.

Human leadership means creating a better, more positive environment for people to work. To help our people uncover their true potential and push them to realize it. We believe that when our people are happy, fulfilled, and passionate that’s all we need to inspire change. This model of leadership is truly focused on our people, and not just to increase our bottom line.

When you create an environment of positivity and passion, that has a powerful ripple effect. People start going home happier, leading a more productive life at home. You start seeing interactions with customers turn from negative to positive. There’s no finger pointing, rather a collective mentality to be better.

This is why Endeavor Exteriors exists and we’re here to change the mentality and create a better culture where people are praised, appreciated and given the tools to succeed. This new leadership model will push us into the people focused mentality that many leaders in our industry have failed to do.

I challenge you to think about the culture of the company you hire next time you need roofing services in Denver or have a restoration project. Your money is either fueling the old way of thinking and poor leadership or it’s helping project this industry into the new era of leadership — human leadership.

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