There is a word that is thrown around our office quite a bit: transparency. But what does that word really mean and why does it affect so many people who’ve recently gone through a damaging storm and dealt with roofing contractors?

To understand the problem we have to dig into the storm restoration industry a little more. Much of the industry is comprised of companies with a simple business model, get as many sales in the shortest span of time possible. This means after a large hailstorm, your neighborhood will be inundated with roofing contractors, good and bad, canvassing for new business.

To set the record straight, not all roofing contractors in Denver walking around the neighborhood are bad. Unfortunately, this is the way the industry is currently set up, and a lot of people feel a great sense of urgency to sign a contract immediately after a storm. Which is not always the best decision.

Regardless, good roofing companies still have to play by this rule and canvass neighborhoods after a storm. It can be difficult to separate the good roofing contractors from the bad, and a customer should always look up the companies they are considering, to make sure their salesperson and company is everything they say they are.

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What to Consider When Hiring Roofing Contractors in Denver

One of the most important things to consider and make sure your roofing contractor has an acceptable response to is this question: how transparent is your roofing company? Many roofing companies, no matter how good they are with a smaller amount of customers, can easily get overwhelmed by the amount of business a large storm brings. This could mean your project and the transparency throughout can be a low priority. There are some real concerns for a customer that contracts with a company that doesn’t value transparency:
  • Subpar workmanship from a crew that doesn’t have onsite supervision.
  • Lesser warranties from the company itself.
  • Inconsistent quality control checks.
  • Risk of a company using a new crew on your roof.
  • Not knowing what is happening with your project every step of the way.
At Endeavor Exteriors, we have brought together a team of professional roofing contractors to solve this problem. Our team, backed by the way we utilize technology, and the quality control systems we have in place, makes transparency a natural thing for us.

There is no reason why our customers shouldn’t be included in everything from the first material drop to the final estimate submitted to their insurance carrier. Oh yeah, and all this is readily available to our customers on a unique online platform!

We have set out to solve our industries most prevalent problems, and we deeply believe transparency is one of, if not the most, damaging problems our industry faces. Help us change this industry by demanding better service from your roofing contractors and not signing a contract immediately following a hailstorm. Even if the roofing contractor says it’s not really a contract and only allows them to work with the insurance company!  The reality is it’s still a contract and you don’t need to sign a contract before work begins. A roofing contractor can still meet with your insurance adjuster without a contract, that’s what the team at Endeavor Exteriors does. Contact our team of roofing contractors today. #ThinkEndeavor Written by: Chris Falasco, Founder, and CEO at Endeavor Exteriors Inc.