Endeavor Exteriors in Denver has been proudly awarded the metal roof replacement contract from a long-running Colorado company, Penley Concrete. Their main headquarters is located in Franktown and the company sits against a picturesque landscape of the Colorado hillside. Franktown intersects with Parker to the north, Elizabeth to the west and Castle Rock to the east.

After a damaging hailstorm in July 2015, Endeavor Exteriors was called out to inspect the property for potential hail related damage. Upon inspection and review of the insurance company’s settlement, the team of insurance specialists went to work negotiating with the carrier. Documenting all the damage sustained and working with the local building division on new roofing requirements, they were able to negotiate an over 100% increase in the total settlement, leaving the client with a minimal out-of-pocket expense for their new roof replacement.

Then, the exciting part for any property owner came: choosing the new metal roof system that would be installed. Taking great care to listen to their needs and understand the long-term value of the property, the Endeavor team was able to budget for the right system that will keep their property protected for years to come. Using a local metal manufacturer with local warranties, and an unmatched lifetime guarantee on workmanship from Endeavor Exteriors, Penley Concrete no longer needs to worry about anything above the roofline.

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The team at Endeavor Exteriors is proud to be working with such a great local company that has roots in the Denver area spanning 30 years. To be given the opportunity to help maintain one of their most prized possessions, their office, and warehouse space, is a responsibility that this team welcomes and doesn’t take lightly. No matter the project, large or small, property owners can feel at ease knowing a team of professionals is managing the roof repairs and roof replacements at their property. #ThinkEndeavor