If you have lived in Colorado more than a few months, you probably have come to realize that our weather can change almost in the blink of an eye and that Mother Nature sometimes tests us with angry blasts of wind, lightning, and hail.

Combined with winter snows, cold temperatures and summer’s bright sun, our homes and gardens have to be hardy to survive. Now that spring has arrived, many of us turn our attention toward beautifying our yards and gardens. Unfortunately, Colorado storms have a tendency to form quickly in the spring, and they can wreak havoc on tender plantings and young landscapes.

Hail storms also can cause damage to your home's rooftop. Call Endeavor Exteriors today for any roofing services you might need after a hail storm.

Some Helpful Tips

A quick action plan doesn’t require a large outlay of cash, and simple materials will suffice.

Keep empty plastic buckets and pots handy in your garage; they are easy to turn upside down over new plants. Use old baskets and cardboard boxes for quick protection.

Keep some old bricks handy to use as weights; shards of clay pots that decorate the garden can also work to keep “covers” in place, as can medium size rocks.

When you plant that garden, build up a little extra soil to hold delicate stems upright, even when the soil is wet. The packed soil also offers extra protection against wind or hail damage.

If your planting bed is adjacent to a wall or fence, try angling a piece of cardboard over young plants; secure the shields from the wind with a nail or two, or tie them in place with string.

For a larger planting area, drive some stakes into each corner of the garden, as well as in the middle. Then, when there’s a threat, simply secure an old blanket, heavy tarp or used canvas drop cloth over the stakes to protect your garden.

Hail and high winds can also damage roofs, gutters, and home siding. Unfortunately, protecting your home is more difficult than protecting your garden. Endeavor Exteriors stands ready, however, to advise you about roof repairs, should you experience any storm damage. We are the most innovative Colorado roofing company in the area.

Contact the team at Endeavor Exteriors for a free roof inspection or preventative damage consultation today.