Choosing The Best Windows For Your Home 


So, you’re in the market for new windows but choosing the right materials for your budget can be challenging, and emotional. We understand. Trying to decipher all the information out there on the best window for your home can feel overwhelming. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, is there really a “best” choice? Well, yes actually. Your material choice may be dependent on budget, aesthetics, functionality, energy efficiency or whatever insurance will pay for.

Below we are going to share with you the top 4 window materials consumers choose today and reveal our top pick for the best window material to have in Colorado.


Vinyl Windows


If you’re looking for a window that is low-maintenance and won’t break your budget, vinyl windows might be a consideration. From low-maintenance to cost-effectiveness, there is no surprise that vinyl is a popular choice for homeowners. With an ROI of 74%, homeowners make a great investment when choosing vinyl. Quality vinyl windows can last up to 20 years. This means less stress for you on the performance of your window.

If you’re choosing vinyl windows you’ll need to know some of the basics that come with it. Vinyl windows can give you the best insulation but there are different grades of vinyl windows that can affect air infiltration and Energy Star ratings. Before you select your window, here’s what you should know:


  • Low-grade
    • Vinyl windows tend to have terrible air infiltration ratings, which can lead to drafty windows.


  • Mid-grade
    • Vinyl windows will meet Energy Star standards and have satisfactory air infiltration ratings. These windows will be an upgrade from the current windows you have.


  • High-grade
    • These windows usually meet Energy Star standards and they only have a 5% allowance when there is direct wind.


Quality vinyl windows will have high Energy Star ratings and air quality. Choosing higher quality vinyl windows could be the difference between a longer life span, less maintenance, and costly repairs down the road. Even vinyl windows, as popular as they are, can have potential downsides:


  • Potential to warp and crack
  • Expands and contracts in hot/cold temperatures
    • Can cause air leaks leading to costly repairs
  • Not environmentally friendly
    • Releases harmful chemicals if melted and during production
  • Poor sound insulation
  • Not easily repainted


Fiberglass Windows


Fiberglass is another top choice when it comes to low-maintenance and high-performing windows. If you’re a homeowner that prefers to not worry about maintenance or durability, fiberglass is a great option for you. Fiberglass offers a wide range of colors and styles to choose from and doesn’t need to be repainted. Fiberglass is made from recycled glass and doesn’t release the harmful toxins that vinyl windows do; it’s a greener option for the planet and your home. These windows require less energy to produce. They require 80% less energy than aluminum and 40% less energy than vinyl windows. This means less harmful gasses being produced and impacting the environment.

Here’s some other reasons why fiberglass is a great window upgrade:


  • Lasts up to 50 years
  • 8X stronger than vinyl
  • 15% more energy efficient
  • Resists warping and cracking
  • Great sound & heat insulator

With all the benefits fiberglass windows can offer it is important to know the disadvantages that come with choosing it. Here’s what you should know:


  • Costs 10 to 30% more than vinyl windows
  • Fewer color options than wood or vinyl
  • Professional installation is required


Wood Windows


Wood windows are a traditional style that’s been used for hundreds of years. Being the most expensive window replacement option, wood windows are high quality and bring warmth into your home. Wood windows are extremely high-maintenance on the interior. You’ll have to frequently clean it and either paint or stain the wood. If you love the look of wood and don’t mind a maintenance routine, wood windows might be the perfect option for you. Wood windows last 10-20 years and can give your home a boost in aesthetic value. While wood windows add value to a home they are difficult to maintain and don’t perform as well as their competition.


  • Lasts up to 10-20 years
  • ROI of 78.8%
  • Bring architectural appeal to your home



  • High-maintenance
  • Prone to moisture and insect damage
  • Lacks energy efficiency
  • Not long-lasting like competitors


If you’re looking at wood windows it all comes down to how much maintenance you want in your routine. With the highest ROI out of all window upgrades, wood is a safe and quality choice.


Aluminum Windows


Aluminum windows have an industrial and more modern feel with a reliable and long-lasting material. Aluminum is a cheaper window option for homeowners and offers moisture resistance and you won’t have to worry about it warping because the aluminum is made to be resistant to damages and help keep its shape. Aluminum windows offers a wide range of colors and styles to choose from for your home. Aluminum is easily customized to fit certain spaces and is a more versatile window material.


  • Last up to 20-25 years
  • ROI of ROI of 60 to 80%
  • Low-maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly



  • Lack energy efficiency
  • You’ll have to replace your windows if you want a different color
  • Poor insulator of heat


And The Winner Is…


The best window to have in Colorado is…Fiberglass. With it’s incredible durability and low-maintenance, fiberglass is an ideal choice for homeowners looking for an easy upkeep without the worry. With Colorado’s unpredictable weather it’s important to have windows that can withstand the sunshine and colder seasons, while keeping you and your family comfortable. Fiberglass windows are an all-around window to have in Colorado. You can feel good knowing you picked a sustainable material that doesn’t have a big carbon footprint. Consider upgrading to fiberglass and start seeing why it’s the best choice out there for replacement windows.



By: Makenna Maikish