Why Window and Door Maintenance Is Important

Sure, it’s important to make sure your windows and doors are clean from dirt and other debris that may collect on them throughout the year, but it is also important to inspect them regularly for a variety of reasons. The doors and windows in your home act as added security, a noise reduction tool, and can substantially reduce your energy bill.


The Pella brand is a trusted provider of beautifully made windows and doors, earning more than 150 product and design patents. Pella is also known as a leader in the exterior restoration industry in regards to its advanced technology and product innovation.



Milgard is a brand that has more than 50 years of experience manufacturing some of the best windows and doors on the market. When we install Milgard products on your home, you’re securely backed by a full lifetime warranty for parts and labor.



Simonton offers unrivaled quality and standards when it comes to the production of their doors and windows. For years, this well-known brand has been consistently recognized for their award-winning products, and Simonton is known in the industry as being the #1 manufacturer of vinyl windows in North America.



Jeld-Wen boasts elegantly made and brilliantly built Siteline® windows and doors for ultimate comfort in any season. Jeld-Wen’s products are a go-to choice for homeowners for multiple reasons — they’re modern, innovative, energy efficient, durable and most importantly, affordable.


Your Trusted Window and Door Maintenance Company

We at Endeavor Exteriors know that keeping up on the maintenance for your windows and doors isn’t exactly what you want to do in your free time. That’s why we are Denver’s window and door maintenance company of choice. We will do the hard labor for you so you can spend more time with your family and less time worrying about whether or not your windows and door are functioning properly.

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A Customized Experience

From old windows that may have lost their seal over time to doors that don’t quite close properly anymore, we at Endeavor Exteriors are here to complete your window and door maintenance for you. By keeping up with this maintenance, you will save yourself tons of money down the road instead of waiting for a window or door to break beyond repair.

Window Maintenance

If you can’t remember the last time you checked the integrity of your windows, it is probably time to get them looked at. Our expert staff at Endeavor Exteriors will come to your home and perform routine maintenance on your windows to ensure they are functioning properly. If a larger issue arises, we offer window repair and replacement services that are cost-effective and reliable.

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Door Maintenance

The doors in your home are used on a daily basis, so it is crucial to ensure they are working properly, and providing the privacy and security that they are intended for. If you are getting a draft in your home during those cold winter months or your neighbor’s car starting is your alarm in the morning, it’s time to call Endeavor Exteriors to come out and tune-up your doors. We will ensure they are closing with a tight seal and locking properly so you can sleep well at night knowing they’re doing their job.

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The Endeavor Difference

Customer satisfaction is always our priority here at Endeavor Exteriors. When you request our window and door maintenance services for your home or office, you can trust that we will take the job seriously and complete the job efficiently and effectively. Our expert staff is trained in inspecting the windows and doors of your home and knows when it might be time for you to repair or replace a window or door. If that’s the case, we can order you the perfect replacement and install them for you in a timely manner. Schedule an appointment today and let us take care of the rest.